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Drum offers a wide variety of services for both businesses and for individuals. Anything you need done in the video realm, we can do.
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Every business has as story to tell, let us help you explore the best way to tell it. Depending if it's for an ad campaign, social media, or landing page we offer impression videos, testimonials, promos, product features, talking head, vlogs, and more. If your organization is new to producing video, email us and we will send you general production process and pricing for packages.

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Weddings - Now Booking!

Enjoy an elegant, authentic, and beautifully produced 5-10 minute highlight reel that covers all aspects of your special day. We adopt a “fly on the wall” approach where we can best capture those fleeting, candid moments that can’t quite be put into words. We are more than happy to accommodate any type of style/approach. Email us for a one sheet on pricing on packages.

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Social Media

Drum creates short form video content, photos, and graphics designed for Facebook and Instagram that will give your feed a polished, professional look. In addition to content creation, we offer full-service social media management services - handling everything from day-to-day posting and platform engagement, to launching targeted promotional campaigns and tracking conversions.



Whether you’re looking for a tightly edited multi-cam live performance video, or just the raw footage from a company training, we’ve got it covered. Birthdays, concerts, speeches, recitals, memorial services, the big game - because every event is different, we take it case by case. Be able to relive those special moments - drop us a line with the details if you need a live event recording!

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Legacy Videos

Stories are the greatest link to our past and to our future generations. It’s the greatest legacy we can leave to our communities, friends, and family. Creating a legacy video ensures that these stories and memories are preserved as a treasured resource for family members and future generations. Email us and we will send you more details on prices and this unique production process.  


Day Rate/Other

Need a crew for your project? Need someone to edit and make a cohesive video out of all those clips? Need your logo animated?  Drone shots? Drum is available for full day and half day rates, with flexible equipment / crew options - give us a shout for your next project!


"The NH Association of Naturopathic Doctors is a non-profit that was looking to increase public awareness via a short video.  We were complete novices on how to go about creating an effective video and Eddie Gomez and Rory Hurley guided us through the process and made our vision a reality!  It was a pleasure to work with them and we were very pleased with the outcome.  Highly recommend their services!" 

-Tina B.

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