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drum specializes in videos for online distribution – website, social media, email.

depending on your business's needs, we produce a variety of video solutions, such as product features/demos, testimonials, and promotional pieces. learn more about types of video.

drum is a full-service video production company. we handle everything from the creative direction and pre-production to filming and equipment to post production and audio mixing/mastering.



a great video means little if it is not delivered to the right audience.

drum can help create commercial campaigns through google ads, facebook, and instagram to drive website traffic and track conversions, ensuring the highest ROI.





"The Cornucopia Project, a non-profit educational organization, hired Eddie Gomez and his team to produce a short promotional video to be shown to high-dollar donors at our annual fundraising dinner. On very short notice, the team produced exactly what we wanted. They were very flexible in their thinking, totally open to our inputs and vision, laid-back under pressure but always on schedule, very professional and extremely responsive to our needs. They creatively resolved last-minute challenges with filming; identified an ideal soundtrack; made good use of stills, moving images and animation - and overall did a terrific job. We were extremely pleased with the resulting video and very happy with the process. Eddie and his team really came through for us at a time of high stress on a small organization. I highly recommend Eddie and would definitely hire him again."

-Beate B.

"Our business incubator [Hannah Grime Center for Entrepreneurship] was in the final running for a $50,000 SBA grant and the finale was to produce a 2-minute video in just a week. Eddie was working for People's VC and they agreed to help. Eddie showed up with a team and did an amazing job -- we won! He was great with people and the editing was right the first time through."

-Mary Ann K.

"The NH Association of Naturopathic Doctors is a non-profit that was looking to increase public awareness via a short video.  We were complete novices on how to go about creating an effective video and Eddie Gomez and Rory Hurley guided us through the process and made our vision a reality!  It was a pleasure to work with them and we were very pleased with the outcome.  Highly recommend their services!" 

-Tina B.


We would love to sit down with you and explore how video can help your business. Also, we are happy to offer our consulting services as a community resource for any video production inquiries you may have.


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